Top 8 Sleepover Ideas


Unique Ideas

Sleepovers can be a great way to encourage your children to form play relationships outside of school. For teenagers, a sleepover can be an effective way to ease the stresses of school life. Even adults are known to have the occasional slumber party...<read more>



Silly Ideas

All children need a day where they can kick back and get all of their sillies out, and what better opportunity than a sleepover? In order to let your guests really go bananas, you need the right activities to break the ice. Take a look at a few of the following ideas that will have your...<read more>


Ideas for a Music-Themed Sleepover

A music-themed sleepover can be a lot of fun whether your guests are seven or 27 years old! The beauty about a musical theme is that you have so many activity options available to you. In fact, you might find yourself hard-pressed to fit all of...<read more>




Sleepover Theme - Craft Party

As a parent, it can sometimes be a little daunting when a daughter asks to have a sleepover. The noise and after-party clean up can be handled, but what most parents dread above all is finding entertaining ideas that will keep the fun going and...<read more>

Sleepover Theme - Glamour Night

A glamour night sleepover theme can be a terrific way to encourage your sleepover attendees to feel girly and beautiful! You can keep the theme a secret or you could invite friends to bring their own makeup and accessory collections to share with each...<read more>



Sleepover Theme - Spa Night

Girls of all ages generally like to feel pretty. We may not always go to great lengths to have perfectly manicured nails and exfoliate our skin daily, but once in a while it's nice to just relax and have some beautifying time...<read more>

Food-Based Activities for Sleepovers

Sleepovers bring to mind a lot of fun and memorable activities. Some of these activities differ depending on the age of the attendees and the theme of the sleepover, however there is one element of a sleepover that is universal...<read more>

For The Younger Girls

Is it your household’s turn to host the sleepover this weekend for your daughter’s friends? If you haven’t hosted many sleepovers or if you’ve done too many, then you might be finding it difficult to come up with fun...<read more>



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